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About Patricia Poppenbeek

I am an emerging writer and a freelance editor. I enjoy writing both fiction and non-fiction, and would write the GAN (Great Australian Novel) except I don’t know how. Also, I love happy endings and fantasy, which probably eliminates the GAN. So I’m concentrating on those genres, though I also write non-fiction on things which fascinate me.


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Free story for a month Turquoise the Cat


The duty of a witch’s cat is to help her to mate, thereby producing more little witches, and to assist her to become more magical—and doing evil is the easiest way to do this. But Turquoise’s mistress has problems getting a boyfriend and she refuses to be evil. Turquoise is going to find it difficult to get back to the fun of Hell.

A G-rated fantasy romance.


Turquoise scowled at his mistress.

‘How are you going to find a mate when all you do is sit indoors hunched over that computer?’ he demanded.

His mistress scowled right back at him. She had been working on a design for a pamphlet in which the client wanted far too many words and it wasn’t going well. ‘Go to Hell, Turquoise.’

He placed one paw on the keyboard. ‘That’s what I’m trying to do.’

Jane groaned and hit save. ‘Don’t do that! How’m I to keep you in the liver and chicken you’ve become accustomed to if I can’t make a living? And why do you keep on saying you want to go back to Hell? It’s rude, always moaning about the great times you had there, carrying on as though living with me is so dull!’


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