A critique, homage, future vision and intimate portrait of mundane, marvellous Melbourne, this anthology of fiction, nonfiction and poetry illuminates the World's Most Liveable City. A city of silence and shadows. Past and present pains arrive in trams. Performance artist Leigh Bowery bursts out of the impossibly suburban Sunshine. A ghost sign leads Nick Gadd to resurrects a quack doctor. Gaylene Carbis turns football into ironic poetry. A young woman opens an all-girl garage in the 1920s. A policeman's suitcase reveals the life of a cop in the infamous Underbelly  years. Writers include established writers such as Cassandra Atherton, Peter Bakowski, Kevi Brophy, Gaylene Carbis, Helen Elliott, Nick Gadd, Antoni Jach, Carol Middleton, Chris Ringrose, Jane Sullivan, Alan Wearne and Chris Wheat, futurist Peter Ellyard, members of the Cartridge Family (Geoffrey Dobbs, R.J. King, Phillip Siggins, Loretta Smith and Lea Weaver and of course me), and emerging writers Anne Connor, Sue Robertson, Heather Slutzkin and Kaushal Srivastava. It contains three of my pieces, 'The Crying Woman', 'The Policeman's Suitcase' and 'The Searcher'.

Available from Amazon and Melbournalia, Bourke Street, Melbourne.